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Customer/Client Retention
Marketing Strategy and Planning
Sales Process Improvement
Meet PI Founder Gil Effron

Improving Bottom Line Outcomes

Under the direction and leadership of Gil Effron, ProfitAbility Institute Inc. focuses on marketing, improving the sales process, and client retention.

Customer/client Retention
Marketing Strategy and Planning
Sales Process Improvement

Let’s take them one by one:

Customer/Client Retention

You wouldn’t pour your morning coffee into a cup with a hole at the bottom.

Then why, for heaven’s sake, would you take the time and effort to attract new customers, spend weeks or months to close that first sale only to see them never to return?

Yet, many businesses are plagued with this pattern of forfeiture.

In his presentations to groups, Gil describes this as the Hole in the Bucket Syndrome. “As fast as the water enters the bucket, it leaks out. Give it a few minutes and the bucket is empty.”

While within an organization the Sales Department is a clearly defined activity and responsibility, there is no similar formality, strategy, or training for a Client Retention Department.

“Ultimately,” Gil says, “Every employee or team member has the responsibility to play a critical role in retaining customers and clients keeping them around for many years to come.

Using Zoom or in-person meetings Gil Effron trains departments as well as entire organizations how to plug the holes and keep them plugged. His sessions are fun and interactive, and the result is that all team members realize how they each can help add to bottom line success.

To learn more about Gil’s Client/Customer Retention programs, contact Gil at CEO@ProfitAbilityInstitute.com. Or, schedule a one-on-one phone call at Schedule Phone Call.

Marketing Strategy and Planning

“Looking back at my early career,” says Gil Effron, “I quickly learned that the smaller and less sophisticated the organization the greater the likelihood they’d make advertising and marketing decisions by the seat of their pants.

“They’d take their idea du jour and roll it out into the market as fast as they could. From one day to the next there was no consistency, no continuity, no strategy, and no plan.

“Some business owners would only market new products they hoped could be big winners some day while they ignored those that already had a decent track record and that could ultimately become a huge winner with the right initiatives.

“Larger organizations had their own problems. Corporate HQ in California had no idea what the Asheville, North Carolina market or any other market was thinking. Corporate didn’t listen to local. Instead, they preached or created a national agenda. (Fortunately, we see a lot less of this today.) “The good news is that extraordinary marketing and sales outcomes can occur for businesses of all ages and sizes when they are based on a Proven Process Approach.”

Our Strategic Marketing and Sales Process is a powerful and tested three-step process. It works as well for startups as it does for established businesses that are in a sales and profitability slump.

ANALYSIS: Gil serves as your personal guide and facilitator as we analyze your current situation. The deeper we dig into your business, marketing, and sales––what works and what doesn’t while studying your strengths and weaknesses, successes and failures, the better. We look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is only when we admit the truth that we are able to fix problems and chart opportunities for moving forward.

STRATEGY: Remarkably, once the analysis is complete, the strategy practically discloses itself. Because our Strategic Marketing and Sales Process program is visual and extremely flexible, we are able to identify key target markets, understand the primary objections we need to overcome, prioritize value propositions, and much more. We don’t need to write an elaborate marketing plan, it’s on your conference room wall or a visual on your laptop.

PLANNING: A thorough, in-depth analysis and a strategy that sets a direction and answers all the questions––who, what, when, how, why, and so on––doesn’t become actionable until we transition into a planning mode. As a part of the Strategic Marketing and Sales Process program, Gil personally drafts and develops a proprietary Strategic Marketing Summary.

That Strategic Marketing Summary consolidates everything we’ve learned and discussed and synthesizes it into a brief (three to five-page) document that tells the entire story.

While you may never actually use this document in your marketing, it provides you with the language and ideas you will use as you move forward to develop marketing programs, materials, blogs, web copy, sales presentations, and pitches.

Because the 3-step Strategic Marketing and Sales Process program is visual, the very best way to understand and appreciate its simplicity and power is to arrange a FREE DEMO. And that’s easy to do.

Sales Process Improvement

Throughout the years, Gil Effron has coached dozens of business owners who read and studied his bestselling book How to Close More Business in Less Time, tracked him down, and asked him to personally coach and help them intensify sales and marketing outcomes.

He helped each of them improve their sales process and outcomes from client attraction through developing and maintaining lifetime relationships and, consistently, closing more business in less time.

Clients always raved about the improved outcomes they obtained and never complained about the time it took or money they invested, but Gil wasn’t satisfied, because…

It simply took too long!

That’s why he spent eight months developing an efficient, one-on-one coaching model that would allow him to help business owners achieve bottom-line improvements and streamline their sales process in 30 days.

The Accelerated Sales Process Improvement System consists of two components. First, easy-to-follow worksheets and study materials to help you analyze your current sales and marketing processes. And second, one-on-one telephone coaching conversations of 60 to 75 minutes designed to help you design and implement your improved sales process action plan.

It’s accelerated, concentrated, and focused entirely on improving results!

The worksheets are simple and straightforward. They help us analyze your business, marketing, and sales process prior to each telephone coaching conversation. This saves time and helps us progress quickly.

The study materials and teaching tools Gil provides help you grasp concepts quickly and easily. Most business owners spend less than an hour-and-a-half on the worksheets and study materials. The Accelerated Sales Process Improvement System is all about moving quickly, efficiently and, most importantly, improving sales outcomes.

Meet Gil Effron

From New York City to Tampa, Florida and points west, Marketing and Sales Process program creator Gil Effron is known as “The guy who wrote the book on how to close more business in less time.”

Rightly so, his book, entitled How to Close More Business in Less Time, is an Amazon Bestseller. It provides a strategic and process approach for businesses of all sizes to create and perfect a systematic process that consistently enables them to close more business in less time and with predictably better results. From strategic marketing planning and integrating marketing with the sales process to creative problem solving and precise implementation, Gil’s marketing skills are diverse, and the outcomes on behalf of his clients always positive.

Gil is founder and CEO of ProfitAbility Institute, Inc., a marketing and sales process consulting organization dedicated to helping business owners, CEOs, and leadership teams map successful strategies for future growth and profitability.

Gil has 35-plus years of experience in business and marketing. Early in his career, he owned and operated an advertising agency. Later, he created a highly successful publishing business serving the marketing and promotional needs of over 110 companies nationwide that provided direct mail and fulfillment services.

Gil holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Cincinnati, a masters from Michigan State University, and pursued additional post-graduate studies at Ohio State University.

Just for fun, Gil has written, produced, and directed Mystery Dinner Theatre productions with business themes. Productions included Who Killed the Business? and Who Killed the Customers? The newest production entitled Who Killed the Family Business? premiered at The Centre Club in Tampa, Florida.


A Fresh Start

We were using a very expensive lead generation platform, but we weren’t converting the inquiries that came our way. Gil’s process approach helped us create new branding, construct value propositions and messages to speak to consumer concerns, and much more. In the end, he guided us to create an online presence that told our story and dramatically increased conversions.
–– Andrew W., Great Neck, NY

An Amazing Turnaround

Our success had been marginal. Entering our third full year we needed a boost. Gil Effron’s process approach helped us to rethink and reengineer our marketing and sales strategy and develop a plan that not only made us look more successful, but also helped us reach major U.S. corporations with a message that resonated. Once we implemented the new program, we sold out quickly and with considerably less frustration.
–– Wendy H., New York, NY

Fast and Efficient

It was time for me to leave the family business and head out on my own. Gil Effron helped me create a business, marketing, and sales plan that maximized my strengths and abilities. Within a year I had exceeded my expectations in terms of number of clients and total billings. Gil’s process approach is amazing. I couldn’t have achieved this much so quickly without him.
–– Gary A., New York, NY


Contact Gil Effron at CEO@ProfitAbilityInstitute.com.

Or, to schedule a one-on-one phone call with Gil go to Schedule Phone Call.

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