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Why is profitability such a mystery?

While ambitious and highly motivated men and women may have many different reasons for starting a business, one of the underlying motivators is the attainment of personal prosperity and the lifestyle that accompanies it.

But once up and running, it doesn’t take long for business owners to realize the attainment of prosperity is no easy task.

Dreams of enormous financial success, rapid growth, and a lavish lifestyle are often thwarted by the daily minutiae of running their business—from managing cash flow and handling employee issues to cut-throat competitors and seemingly unending government regulations. Long days are followed by sleepless nights, worry, and fear.

If this describes you, take comfort. You are not alone as it describes the majority of business owners today.

The good news is your current situation can easily be remedied once you accept two basic facts:

Fact #1: You cannot expect your company to maximize profitability by continuing on as you are –– that is, without changing your thinking, strategy, or game plan. Unless changes are made, you are destined to continue your struggle and face numerous risks such as closing down due to a lack of cash or capital, the inability of your business to survive an economic downturn, and any one of a dozen or so more variables beyond your control.

Fact #2: If you aren’t making progress on your own, getting guidance from an experienced professional who can expertly analyze your situation will help you re-think your current strategy, and put into action a game plan tailored to maximize your company’s growth and profitability.

You still have time. But you may not have as much time as you think.

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