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5-Step Process to Enhance Profitability

5 Steps to ProfitabilityThe ProfitAbility Institute utilizes a proven 5-Step Process to transform underperforming businesses into highly profitable ones.

  • Step 1. Analyzing your current situation
    Through our proprietary diagnostic and discovery processes and our Business Analysis Profile, we can efficiently identify the primary points of constraint troubling your organization. We look into every area of your business and review financial information, cash management, ownership, debt, lines of credit, personnel, systems/processes/procedures, marketing, sales strategies and more.
  • Step 2. Identifying short-term opportunities for increasing profitability
    Upon completion of our proprietary diagnostic and discovery processes and Business Analysis Profile, we will recommend specific activities and initiatives to bring about increased profitability in the short term. Our goal at this point is to identify the changes and improvements that you can make with little or no additional financial investment.
  • Step 3. Setting goals
    As Gil Effron, founder and CEO of the ProfitAbility Institute, says, “Every business every day is a start-up.” At this point in the 5-Step Process, it’s time to look ahead –– to start with a clean slate as if you were a start-up –– and to think in terms of a 5-year goal by imagining what your business will look like once you have transformed it from marginally profitable into a highly profitable, growth-oriented business.
  • Step 4. Developing a strategic plan for long-term profitability
    Your business is an asset –– or it should be. As an asset, your business is more valuable when it is profitable, shows a trend of growth based on that profitability, has multiple systems, processes, and procedures in place, and can continue without you at the helm. One of the conditions of your five-year goal is that you could (if you wanted to) sell your business and pocket a great deal of cash.
  • Step 5. Aiding implementation
    With the first four steps completed, you are well on your way to transforming your business into a highly profitable one. You have two viable choices at this point. First, you could take the bull by the horns and move forward entirely on your own. Second, you could request that we continue to assist you on an as-needed basis and at a level that would support your personal efforts.

To learn more about our 5-Step Process to Enhance Profitability and determine if it’s right for you and your business, contact us today.