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Could you sell your business today?

Throughout my life, I’ve been amazed at how much easier it is to buy something than to sell it. For example, in my life, I’ve owned seven boats. There came a time in the life of each of those boats when I said, “enough is enough.” So I cleaned up the boat, detailed it, removed our personal belongings, made sure it was in shipshape condition and posted the “for sale” …Read More

What’s your secret to success?

Many years ago, my wife and I purchased our first home together. Although we had a professional inspection as part of the process of buying the home and the inspection report gave us a clean bill of health, we were more than a little surprised after the first major downpour. It was then we realized we had a severe problem with gutters. I suppose that somehow the building inspector didn’t …Read More

Are you treating your clients as hot new prospects?

After months of trying to get their attention, you finally get your foot in the door. Then, after dozens of strategy sessions and tons of analysis and research, you’re sitting in the front office waiting to see the CEO. If you’ve been there (and many of us have) I think you’ll agree that there’s nothing more exciting (or anxiety producing) than the anticipation of that moment – finally coming face …Read More

Does it make sense to sell without making profit?

Some people like getting advice. Others hate it. They’d rather work it out on their own. As for me, I ask for advice and ask often. That’s why when I finished the manuscript for How to Close More Business in Less Time, I relied on the services of the best editor and proofreader I could find. In fact, long before I get to the point of ever needing an editor, when …Read More

What’s so magical about “5 years?”

As a consultant, I ask lots of questions when I have a preliminary conversation with a prospect.  Many of those questions concern the business owner’s plans, goals, wishes, hopes, and dreams. Interestingly, the vast majority of the business owners I talk to tell me (always in strictest confidence, of course), their plan, goal, and dream is to sell their business in five years. Not 6.39 years, not seven-and-a-half, not 4.2 …Read More

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